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آموزش زبان انگلیسی راهنمایی پلدختر

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طرح درس روزانه


Name:                           Date:                  Day:           No. Sts:            Level: Guidance  school

Length:              Lesson NO.: 4                         Grade: 2


Comments & activities





Objectives:   (students)

          By the end of the lesson students will be better able to:

       1.         Ask  time in different situations

       2.         Telling time in different ways.

       3.         Using time in their dialogues and conversations.






         I will be assure that students learn the lesson well by:

1.       Asking students some question about time.

2.       Teacher shows students a clock and they should tell the time one by one.(different times).(TPR)

3.      Drawing some watches on the board and students should answer in a piece of paper as a quiz.





       I (teacher) will be working on teaching students How they can answer and tell the time and improving  their ability on asking & telling  the time in daily activities and conversations.





Language Skills:   

            In this lesson all four skills (listening, speaking, writing and reading) are needed.

Listening (for listening to the tape and teacher’s words for recognize the time within it.)

Speaking (for asking & telling the time in their dialogue with teacher and their classmates.)

Writing (to answer teacher’s questions which teacher will write on the board about time.)

Reading (to read patterns and time in their books and on the board.)




Language systems:

       1.         Usage of what time...?

       2.         Vocabulary set (Numbers)






Specific target sentences: ( vocabulary/Functional exponents/pron.areas )

       For asking the time the sentence (what is it?) is used.

For telling the time we use  It is (it’s) ……. . (In blank we can use both forms to tell the time.)

Numbers from one to sixty, watch, clock, minute, half, quarter, to and past are necessary and key words in this lesson.





  What time is it?

A dialogue in a street. (role play )

A dialogue in the class.         




Source of material: (visual aids/texts/listening materials/etc)

    Tape, charts, pictures, a clock, a watch, flash cards of numbers, book( oral drills , writ it down exercises ).






       I am assuming that all the students can ask and tell the time by Persian and after this lesson students will be able to ask and tell the time in different ways in real situations by English.  




Anticipated problems: 

   Some of the students may not know how we can tell the time even by Persian, or can not read English numbers well. So at first teacher should check this


Teaching  Procedures:




Comments & activities



Clock , board

      (a)        Asking students about the different ways, which we ask and tell the time in our country.(Persian)




















Clock, watch, board.

      (b)        Asking some students to tell the time by Persian.





Book, watch, board

       1.          Dialogue

      (c)         Reading the dialogue.(teacher-tape - some students)

      (d)        Two bright(volunteer) students playing the role of the dialogue

      (e)         Making a new simple dialogue with students’ cooperation.(role play)




A watch, a clock, chart, flash cards of numbers

       (f)         Introducing the key words and expressions of this lesson(g)         What time is it? – clock – watch – half – quarter – minute – past – to-

      (h)        And   Review of numbers from 1 to 60 







Tape, book

       2.          Patterns

       (i)         Teacher reads the patterns.
       (j)         Using the tape to read the patterns again.
     (k)        Some bright (volunteer) students read the patterns.









Book – clock – tape

       3.          Oral drills

       (l)         Students should look at their books and listen to the tape.
     (m)       Students should close their books and listen to the tape.
      (n)        In order to concentrate students’ attention on the tape sometimes after pausing the tape teacher (I) will ask what did the tape say?

      (o)        By using a clock I will ask the students to tell the time by looking at the                                              

        clock in my hands.

      (p)        I will give the students the clock and the first one should ask the one next

      (q)         to him/her to tell the time. Then the second student ask the third one and….





Board –clock

       4.          Review :

       (r)         I (teacher) give(s) the summery of this lesson.

      (s)        How we ask time.

       (t)         How we tell the time.

      (u)        Different ways of telling the time.






Clock- chalk – board



       5.          Evaluation:

       (v)         I will ask them to tell the time by using clock. (If they have problem, I’ll help them.)

      (w)        I will draw a few clocks on the board and some students will answer them.

      (x)        I will give them a quiz (some questions about time on a piece of paper), and they should answer the questions.








       6.          Homework :

      (y)         The students should do all write it down exercises at home.

      (z)         They should draw ten clocks on their notebooks and write the time, which they show, under them.

*The students should make a new dialogue and exercise it at home two by two. (Pair group.)

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